Never Say Never (Mommy Game Part Two)

Yes, yes I know It is mid-may and I have failed abysmally at the April challenge, but it is safe to say I knew the month was going to to be difficult and failure was always an option. That’s okay,  life goes on beyond the month of April and I will at the every least finish this small tale.


Aiden and Mia were that rare couple that made Molly remember the church she grew up in. Not the parts that were easy to fall back upon, the cynical crutches of the Faithless, the ones that once wanted to believe, did believe, but lost faith due to corruption, greed and the common use of doctrine as a weapon for all tat wasn’t “right” her, she was never the right kind of girl. She had been baptized in front of her congregation in a marble pool set int he wall of a church so large it needed microphones and stage lighting. That was exactly what it had felt like, a staged event, not a private moment to recognize the divine in each of us but instead a gawdy show for an ever hungry audience. Yet even while that was all true there had still been those that were true to the heart of their Faith, a community and a culture within th larger performance that cared for what they did in this world. That had been what she craved and had never quite found a place within. She in stead, had been one of those stars on the Christmas tree, that well-off parishioners would claim with self-righteous ownership. The would claim their child and but the presents for those unfortunate souls in b=need of charity. She was their charity, their good deed.  Later she and her siblings would put on a show, both literally and figuratively, of their gratitude and thanks. That was an old wound that still sometimes festered and stirred the chip she still held,to gain in breadth and weight upon her shoulder but not today.

Today she met the other type, the ones that gave in a different and more true manner. They gave of themselves. The took in kids, kids like she once was. They took n children as troubled and broken as she was, as scared and abandoned as her sisters and brothers ahd been as well. More importantly that took the risk of such children into their homes. Yes, she had a sad story and so had her brethren; it easy to hide behind that sorry tale and pretend the facade of innocence and pain was all there was to it, but that wasn’t true. No one comes from the darkness unscathed. She had been a thief, a liar and quck to violence. Her fellows had been as bed or worse, depending on each of their paths. This couple kept taking them in, as if they were safe and worth loving. As if their home and children were not as risk. The cared for them as if they weren’t likely to leave and be put back into the homes that broke them. They fought for them.

Why? These people didn’t have the motivation of their own trauma to make them do this for others, they just did it. She didn’t understand. She had spent a lifetime learning how people worked and how to be a part of the world she saw on the other side of the glass, as a parent and adult. it was still a game sometimes, no matter how well she mimicked the ‘right” way to be.  Molly was fascinated  and awed in the way she had wanted to be, yet was never quite capable of, as she was dunked into blessed waters.

This wasn’t a game anymore. This was water she was willing to wade into, she wanted to understand.




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