F is for Flagging, Fatigued and Finished


F is for Flagging, Fatigued and Finished.

Today is day 6 of the AtoZ blogging challenge and it is a day that has kicked my butt. I am exhausted, so for today please accept my apologies for no new story. I can’t believe I’m missing the opportunity to use “fetish”..I really am done.

As a thought let me put this forth, F is also for Family and Friend, but what if they are one in the same? I have frequently lamented the lack of language to denote the importance of found family. Many people I know have people they consider family that share no blood, but there are no words that I know of to get that across. Friendship is often dismissed when confronted with the idea of “family”, they are not on par with one another when it comes to triageing time spent and obligations . I have run into this issue, because my partners have had family that always took precedence, and I have had friendships questioned over bad over because somehow that was allowable. I would never question someones loyalty to a loved one, and I have never understood this idea.

How do you define the indefinable? What do you call the Aunts and Uncles to your children,  that are your sisters and brothers by heart, if not blood? I bet there is a German word for this, there is always a German word…

Just a thought. I hope all of ya’ll are having a great time with this challenge. When I can keep my eyes ope, I love doing it. Have any of you made friends and connections from it?


PS Recently I have been able to refer clients to one of my oldest friend’s law practice and she has done right by each one. That’s all great and stuff, but the point is we are grown-ups and have been friends since age 10 and every time we do some grown-ass shit, I feel like we’re gonna get caught out and someone will call us out for playing at this whole grown-up thing. When I have to send her official legal documents, I try to put Winnie the Poo stickers on the envelopes because i know it will make her smile. Most days I am still surprised I’m an adult.






5 thoughts on “F is for Flagging, Fatigued and Finished

  1. I hope you’re taking the time to care for yourself today! I also struggle with the idea of how strong family bonds are SUPPOSED to be versus friendships. I have the best grandmother in the world but otherwise all the people closest to me are friends. Friends who know things that would shock and even disgust a lot of my family.

    I actually do call a couple of my friends brothers because “best friend” doesn’t feel right and “friend” doesn’t give people a real impression of how close we are.

    • I agree, those terms somehow trivialize those relationships. I’m not sure if that’s because the word itself doesn’t inherently embody the intent or if the terms (friend, best friend etc) have become trivial because they are used willy nilly. My best friend tells new women he’s dating that I’m his sister, to explain his Uncle status, our bond and simply because it’s easier. Is it dishonesty or speaking to a deeper truth? “SUPPOSED to” is something I often reexamine and never come away from, with any feelings of satisfaction.

  2. What a shame you missed fetish, but when you feel drained like that, you know you will never be happy with anything you write

  3. So happy to meet a fellow Pooh Bear fan!! 😉 Love the quote =) family isn’t just blood relatives on paper. It’s how you treat each other that shows you’re family cause you care 😉 No wonder our friends are our family!

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