I am trying to create the habit of writing, Mostly this intention has been more of a “fail” than “pass” kind of thing, but here’s a tiny thing:




The girl was lying there on the fiberglass surface of a middling sized speed boat tied up to dock for the night. She had raided their galley kitchen, finding canned fruit, crackers, and tiny sausages in tins. She felt quite satisfied with the small feast and decided to lie with her full belly on the boat and watch the stars. Sometimes she brought her little brother, but he usually fell asleep and he was heavy, she hadn’t wanted to haul him back tonight. Tonight her ribs were already turning colors from the kicks aimed her way and the cigarette burns on her legs felt only a small relief from the smooth curve of the polished boats’ surface. The girl was sore and perhaps still bleeding, she thought she would go into the salty water soon, the sting and succor would help wash the rest away.  The girl looked at the stars and from her vantage point they took up almost everything that was or could possibly be. The oceans steady ebb took up the rest. Between the stars and the gentle lap of waves she was lost, a tiny speck in the infinite nights sight; she found comfort there. Skinny and brown skinned, the girl was small in form, she felt her own size with every breath, willing her tiny frame to grow and grow until she filled all of space in between the stars.  She would go soon, after her wish was made. She didn’t pick a single star, the girl felt her wish was too large for one tiny star to be held accountable for, that was just asking too much.

‘ I wish I may, I wish I might, wish upon this star tonight” She whispered the prayer into the cooling moist air, willing it to find its way into the stars,  to tether this wish to the skys’ shining denizens. The girl closed her eyes, breathing the rhythm of the ocean touching the sky. The girl made her wish.

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