Explanations and Recap

I have a laundry list of reasons I never seem to get around to keeping my blog update promises. They are all valid, true and are also all things I could have worked through had I been focused and driven enough to do so. I have one of those lives that has surprises, catastrophes and repeated sightings of phoenix risings built-in. Since that very truthful statement is quite unlikely to change, I need to get better at deftly skirting the debris and getting on with it. I give up on myself much to easily, so I will keep trying to restart, until it isn’t a restart, until it is a habit. Trust me, this may take a while.

The Recap:

In the last six months, our house (a two family rental) was overrun by fleas, a last gift from our departing upstairs neighbors, causing a month+ leave-taking of home and hearth.

Flea bites on leg

Our daughter started school, which was more of a  comedy of errors than anything, on our parts. It was also a super amazing milestone.

First Day of School 2012

Our primary cars’ engine blew up, apparently the recommended antifreeze melts the gaskets.

I got picked, prepared (with lots of help) and performed a show in NYC for The Moth (!). 


 The floors in every room were replaced..which is not tragic, just another matter of displacement. Floors

My wife had her twice yearly chemo treatment.

Hurricane Sandy occurred  which miraculously left us unscathed but increased our household from three to seven for a month or so.Sandy

THEN, I crashed into a tree

car crash 12.11.12So, there has been some stuff, but now I can’t walk, so maybe I’ll get on top of this blog stuff;)

The next post will probably be more graphic, just as a warning. The crash was pretty bad, not nearly as bad as it could have been since I’m here right now, but bad enough lets say.

I am happy a new year has sprung..I am hoping it brings many days at home with my family enjoying a total lack of any real action!

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