I am trying to get better about writing. I miss it, my own sanity is improved with the outlet of the written word. I have issues with commitment and consistency, and this is a place they rear their shiny distracting heads, easily taking my attention from any task I set myself. With that in mind I decided I should try an exercise in writing, set an assignment for myself.

There is a show called “Radiolab“. By their own definition:

Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.

This show has been something I have avidly listened to since its inception, I could track my life by their episodes, so why not do so? I am going to attempt to use individual episodes as starter points for my own writing, this ongoing conversation with myself. I love curiosity and exploration, I love the journey they can take you on and how often the roads you find yourself on are not what you expected at all. It’s like an unexpected deep conversation with a stranger, lingering in your thoughts, coloring the landscape with a new hue.Each episode explores a different subject such as Who am I? Morality, Time, Memory and Forgetting, and Space. I love the conversations that are possible with these dense hearty beginnings.

I’m also kind of sick of my own terrible yet compelling story of overcoming odds and being just so damn special. I’m sure I have many many days of going into that in excruciating details as I try to focus on a project around that. I’m hoping that by using this blog as an outlet, a thought and writing experiment, I can both improve my own skills and keep my sanity intact. I’m all for delving into my psyche, plumbing the depths of my soul and becoming the enlightened yogi master I was destined to be, but I (nor anyone I have ever come across worth their salt) can not be defined by just one aspect of my own tale. That would be terribly boring.

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.     ~ Oscar Wilde

So I will attempt to write at least once a week (I like the bar to be low) on some subject with its initial spark stolen from the RadioLab archives. I’m sure it will be brilliant.

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