Transition Conversations

“Hey R, how can I help you? How are your knees?”

” Worse! I’m not sure what’s going on, but first when are we going to have dinner? I’m gonna nail you down this week! What about Tuesday?”

“Argh yeah I suck, sorry for cancelling. Tuesday won’t work but how about next week on Wednesday?”

“I can’t, I’m going in for another surgery”

“Oh no, for your knees?”

“No, my testicle shifted, and she has to go in and ..un-shift it. Make a new sack or you know put it where it should be”

“Yeah I hate when my testicles shift”


“I’m in so much pain at this point I’m surprised I can laugh, but thanks I needed it. ”

“No problem, that’s what I do, mock peoples pain and such!’

“I need to make an appointment too, for today if you can squeeze me in, but enough about me and my testicles, how are YOU?”

“Bleh, I’m bleeding and miserable and want to DIE! There is no reason to be this fertile unless something is routinely eating you as a species! I can fit you in at 2:30, will that work?”

“I’m sorry hun, I understand, it’s why I would be the perfect spouse, I will never say “suck it up”, I understand both sides. Yeah 2:30 would work, thanks”

“You are already perfect R. I’ll just wait here for you in crampy whiny misery, okay?”

“Hey at least your testicles haven’t shifted”


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